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MIDAS Meter® & Training

Course Overview:

This course is a blended combination of both theoretical and practical based learning.

The theory elements of the course cover the acoustic emissions surveying technique, safe operation, survey methods and procedures and maintenance of the MIDAS Meter® and PDA equipment.

The hands-on element of the course gives delegates the opportunity to use the equipment in a safe classroom environment and gain practical experience of basic valve surveying procedures for leak detection, quantification, reporting, and monitoring activities including performance trending, by using the MIDAS Meter® on a small valve manifold. The recommended 2 day course also provides the opportunity for on-site practical application.

The course covers the importing of existing valve data and the generation and exporting of standardised survey results reports, using the supplied Communicator Software.

This course provides an excellent introduction for plant management, asset integrity/reliability/process engineers and maintenance personnel who are responsible for the safe, environmentally friendly and efficient operation of process plant and specifically valves.

Midas Meter Certified Training Course

Course Objective:

To provide delegates with the knowledge, understanding, capability and confidence to safely and effectively use MIDAS Meter® in operational process plants to detect, quantify and trend through-valve leakage (i.e. to complete valve surveys).

To train the delegates in the correct process and procedures of uploading and downloading of all required data to / from MIDAS Meter®.

To assist delegates in understanding the survey results / outputs and thus gain maximum benefits from ownership of the MIDAS Meter® Kit (such as cost and risk reduction as well as efficiency maximisation).

For more information, download our training flyer.

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MIDAS Meter® Training Flyer

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Shell delegate

"Well presented and knowledgeable"

Takreer delegate

"Very nice training and gaining good knowledge"

Centrica delegate

"Great knowledge shown by the instructor"

Nexen delegate

"Course instructor was spot on and had great knowledge on MIDAS Meter® and valves"

Petronas delegate

"Excellent transfer of knowledge / purpose / objective. Method of benefits to end user"

Modec delegate

"The instructor was very pleasant and had a very good knowledge of the product"

Gassco delegate

"Good informative course well presented with good real world examples and practical exercises."

BAPCO delegate

"It's a good course and very helpful for our maintenance future"