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MIDAS Meter® Surveys - As a Service

In the current economic climate in the oil & gas industry, the non-availability of free capital to invest in innovative technology that has the potential to deliver high returns is a challenge for operating companies and their teams. Buying cycles can be significantly extended accordingly and the immediate returns which are available are consequently not immediately realised.

Looking to the operating companies’ OPEX budgets however, it is very often the case that if a smaller more manageable investment can be made, operating companies can still realise the immediately available benefits of deploying the latest innovative technology.

One way in which Score Diagnostics Limited have opened up the opportunity to operating companies to engage with the latest technology for valve condition and performance monitoring is to supply risk-based inspections as a service. Rather than simply supplying the MIDAS Meter® product, alternatively, a Score Engineer is deployed to complete valve surveys at a fraction of the cost of ownership of the product.

Midas Meter Valve Leak Detection Surveys As A Service

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