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MIDAS Meter ®

Valve Leak Rate Calculation and Trending on PDA

The MIDAS Meter® Core Software allows direct input and storage of valve readings, results and valve information on the hand-held field device (PDA). The most powerful aspect of the software is its ability to receive the AE readings directly (via Bluetooth connectivity) from the MIDAS Meter® Handset and convert them to a calculated leakage rate instantly, in mass or volumetric leak rate units.

On calculation of the leak rate, the software then additionally displays a comparison against a pre-set "allowable" leak rate and presents this data along with a "traffic light" indication, guiding the operator on whether (or not) the leak should be actioned with a maintenance intervention.

Valve Leak Rate Calculation

Each valve survey (test) performed has a specific time and date stamp attached, so that trending graphs of degradation in sealing performance over time can then be plotted, using the Communicator™ software application. (Through-Seat Leakage).

According to their preferences, users may also select the option to display a bar chart which offers a visual indication of the certainty of the calculated leak rate, as seen below.

Valve Leak Rate Calculation

All above features come as part of our standard software, which we have been able to continuously improve, based on global user’s feedback, since its launch in 2010.