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Risk Based Inspection (RBI) for Valves

To support the very latest developments and strategies in Asset Integrity Management (AIM) and specifically Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) planning and implementation, Score Diagnostics have enhanced the MIDAS Meter® Core and Communicator software to now include new functionality and guidance on Risk Based Inspection (RBI) for valves.

The RBI calculator offers users the capability to schedule MIDAS Meter® Surveys on their valve population, dependent upon each individual valve's assessed criticality and risk. Selectable parameters such as "probability" and "consequence" of valve failure are provided to help owners easily assess risk and gain guidance on when each valve in the installed population should optimally be surveyed.

Default RBI Settings Screen RBI Periods Setting Screen

This market-leading development helps owners move their valve maintenance activities away from the traditional CMMS driven "calendar based approach" and alternatively towards a "value based approach" to valve management. Risk reduction, cost savings and improved reliability / operating efficiency will result.

Users are able to produce standard look ahead and overdue reports using the MIDAS Meter® Communicator software. These reports can detail which valves in the installed population are due to be tested, as well as highlighting any valves that are already overdue for test.

RBI Lookahead List
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Valve Survey Results Reporting