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MIDAS Meter ®

MIDAS Meter® Software

The PDA software allows the storage of readings, results and valve information with the most powerful aspect of the software being its ability to analyse the readings and convert them to an actual leakage rate instantly, whilst in the field.

MIDAS Meter® Core Software also now has a new built-in RBI (Risk Based Inspection) Calculator which assists users in identifying when to complete surveys on each valve asset, according to its Probability and Consequences of Failure.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) capability has also been added as an option to positively and automatically identify valve assets "hands-free" in the field, enhancing the reliability and speed of surveys and hence their effectiveness.

Screenshot Examples From The Midas Meter PDA

The PDA can be easily connected to a PC/laptop, using the included docking station. The MIDAS Meter® Communicator Application imports all of the information gathered during the valve survey, offering the opportunity for data back-up, licensing controls and the generation of standard results graphs and reports, indicating valve condition. These reports are designed to provide evidence of current valve condition, which Asset Integrity and Maintenance Teams can then use to prioritise and target maintenance resources and interventions on valves where maximum benefits and returns can be delivered.