Give your Operations and Maintenance
Technicians the MIDAS TouchTM with
MIDAS Meter The market leading valve leak detection,
quantification and trending tool, from

Score Group Limited
MIDAS Meter ®

MIDAS Meter® Uses

MIDAS Meter® can be deployed in support of:

  • Asset Integrity Management (AIM) requirements, with its ability to trend leakage over time and so enable a predictive maintenance strategy, based on Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) principles to be implemented for the valve population
  • Risk Based Inspection (RBI) programmes for example, in support of ESDV Management and Verification programmes, or in conjunction with setting PSV recertification intervals and benchmarking valve performance during plant commissioning or start-ups
  • Pre-shutdown planning activities to maximise return on investment from prioritised maintenance
  • Trouble shooting to identify problem valves so potentially avoiding unexpected/unplanned shutdowns
Midas Valve Leak Detection Equipment In Use Midas Valve Leak Detection Equipment Capabilities