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MIDAS Meter ®

MIDAS Meter® Specifications


  • The MIDAS Meter® and PDA are safe for use in hazardous oil & gas environments
  • Completely portable and easy to use
  • Non-intrusive
  • Integral display for use stand alone
  • Battery Powered (Rechargeable)
  • Bluetooth communications from sensor to PDA
  • PDA for data logging and quantification analysis of leak detection survey
  • Data download and export capabilities
  • MIDAS Meter® Ambient temperature range: -20°C to +50°C
  • Sensor face high temperature limit +125°C, above this wave guides are used
  • Detects leaks as low as 0.1 litre per minute

Operating Conditions:

  • Service Fluid will be dependent on valve service. Options here are Gas, Liquid and Steam
  • The respective fluid density will change dependant on selection
  • Defaults are as follows:
    • Gas 1.20410 kg/m3 (Air at 20°C at Sea Level)
    • Liquid 998.2071 kg/m3 (Water at 20°C)
    • (Note: steam leakages always given in mass units)
  • Ambient Temperature conditions should always be detailed as appropriate, standard 20°C.
    Note: this input is for information only and does not affect the analysis)
  • Line Pressure will be dependent on the valve operating conditions; ideally a differential pressure of 5 barg is required with one side to atmospheric conditions. The up and downstream pressures are set using the -/+ buttons
Click here to download the MIDAS Meter® Specifications Flyer