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MIDAS Meter® Accessories


The MIDAS Meter® handset allows the user to non-invasively survey all valves in the plant that have an isolating function, to quickly and easily find and quantify any acoustic emissions (AE) caused by a leaking valve(s). The handset sensor is placed into direct contact with the pipework and valve body and acoustic emissions detected by the handset’s AE sensor are converted into a decibel (dB) reading by the on-board electronics. The dB reading is then displayed on an LCD (liquid crystal display) screen. These dB readings allow the user to quickly and easily identify which valves on the process plant are leaking and which have no detectable leakage. The handset is intrinsically safe certified for use in hazardous areas.

Midas Meter Valve Leak Detection Handset

PDA (Personal Digital Assistant)

The PDA is pre-loaded with the proprietary Score MIDAS Meter® software and is used in conjunction with the MIDAS Meter® handset. Decibel readings taken from key locations upstream of, on and downstream of the valve body are sent from the MIDAS Meter® handset into the PDA via a secure and paired Bluetooth connection. MIDAS Meter® software then converts these dB readings into a calculated through-seat leakage rate. The PDA is also intrinsically safe certified, allowing it to be used in a hazardous environment.


Wave Guides

Where the surface temperature of the valve and pipework being surveyed is outwith the temperature range of -50oC to +125oC, it is necessary to protect the sensor and handset from cold / heat damage. Waveguides are used to create a thermal break between the surface temperature of the pipework / valve being surveyed and the sensor in the handset, allowing it to be used on surfaces at all temperatures likely to be experienced on plant. These waveguides screw directly onto the front of the MIDAS Meter® Handset and come in two standard sizes. Waveguides are also useful for gaining access to difficult to reach areas, or for monitoring valves through lagging, via pre-made access points. Waveguides ensure that MIDAS Meter® can be used on all isolating valves throughout the plant, regardless of operating surface temperatures.

Waveguides For Midas Meter Valve Leak Detection HandsetWaveguides For Midas Meter Valve Leak Detection Handset

Utility Belt

The Utility Belt may be worn by the MIDAS Meter® survey technician whilst surveying valves on the plant. It's custom design allows the user to comfortably carry and store the both the MIDAS Meter® handset and PDA and survey with both pieces of equipment simultaneously. It also has pockets for carrying the required waveguides and silicon grease - which is used in the survey process, to achieve a coupling of the sensor face to the valve body and ensure the optimum signal transfer is achieved. Use of the utility belt for storage of the MIDAS Meter® kit components whilst moving between valve surveys frees both the operators hands for safety purposes (i.e. for maintaining hold of handrails etc).

Utility Belt For Midas Meter And PDA