Score Diagnostics Limited Presents MIDAS® Valve Diagnostics Products and Services at Score A/S Open Day


On Thursday 11th January 2018, Score Diagnostics Limited paired up with our sister company Score A/S in Stavanger, who opened their doors to showcase working demonstrations of all the latest innovative technologies, products and services from Score Group plc companies.

Visitors to the Score A/S facility were warmly welcomed and given a grand tour of the premises. Over the course of the day various presentations & live demonstrations were given, showing an insight to the range of innovative technologies, products and services offered by the Score Group. These included; MIDAS® range of valve diagnostic products and services, DOVE™ Sealant Injection Fitting, Valve Testing, Engineering, Strategies, Maintenance and Control Valve Diagnostics capabilities & services, along with an overview of Score’s Supply Chain Management.

Score Diagnostics’ presentations and demonstrations, which were focused on the MIDAS® range of valve diagnostic products and services, were very well received. Visitors showed a keen interest in how these valve condition and performance monitoring products – which play a key role in Score Group’s Intelligent Valve Management™ Strategies – can reduce operators’ exposure to risk and deliver maximised safety and operating efficiency on process plants.

The live product demonstrations of the Midas Meter®, Midas® Sensor and V-MAP® received great feedback from our visitors and gave them a chance to see the valve condition monitoring results and benefits for themselves.  Many visitors were also able to have a hands-on experience of the MIDAS Meter®, highlighting for them just how quick and easy it is to detect, quantify and trend a valve leak using this device.

Following on from the customers’ open day, Score Diagnostics personnel also carried out an enhanced products and benefits familiarisation and training session with an assembled team of Score AS personnel. This session also received very positive feedback from those that attended.

Overall, our time in Norway was a very productive and positive experience and it was a pleasure to meet customers old and new alike. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended our presentations and product demonstrations and for the hospitality and support extended to us by the Score A/S Team.

If you were unable to attend the Score A/S open day and would like further information on the MIDAS® range of valve condition and performance monitoring products, please contact us at

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New Appointment at Score Diagnostics Limited

Welcome Kimberley Morrison

Score Diagnostics Limited are delighted to announce the appointment of our new Sales & Marketing Assistant, Kimberley Morrison. Sales and Marketing Director, Dave Anderson commented :-

“Kimberley has been working in various roles within the Score Group for 12 years and we are delighted to have secured her talent and rich experience for our team”.

Kimberley’s journey in Score Group plc began back in 2005 at the heart of the company in its headquarters; Score (Europe) Ltd in Peterhead. Her first roles were within the PSV Planning & Strategies Departments, where she gained a vast amount of knowledge and experience planning & preparing for PSV Shutdown Campaigns for various key clients / platforms within the North Sea sector. This role developed her experience in procuring materials necessary for replacement / repair / recertification work scopes, arranging mobilisation of workshop containers & technicians offshore, co-ordinating with clients prior, during & post shutdown period and updating & maintaining both Score & Client Databases.

After 6 years in this role Kimberley decided it was time for a new challenge and as it turned out, a new climate, when she was given the opportunity of a secondment to our Score Middle East office in Dubai. Over the following three year period, working in a smaller team and office environment she was able to develop a whole range of new skills, ranging from Administration & PA duties, Sales Co-ordination, Internal Auditing to PR & Marketing. It also provided her the opportunity to travel to many other countries within the Middle East region, meeting new clients and expanding her knowledge in this sector.

On her return to the UK, Kimberley took up a role within Score (Europe) Ltd as a Sales Co-ordinator within our Non Contract Sales Team, providing sales support to Group facilities in Great Yarmouth, Brighouse, Southampton and Ireland, assisting them remotely by providing valve & actuation sales quotations for customers within these regions and following each enquiry through to order and despatch stage.

On her appointment, Kimberley commented :-

“I am delighted to have been appointed to my new role in Score Diagnostic Limited. This is a very exciting opportunity and another highlight in my career with Score Group plc.

Score Diagnostics Limited is an area of the Score Group that is growing, due to the innovative products that they have developed. I can honestly say, I feel very privileged to be part of this team. This new role will bring with it some fresh challenges, which I believe are a necessity for personal growth and development, and will also allow me to bring on board my current knowledge and skillset which I have developed throughout my employment in the company. I am really looking forward to this new venture”

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Score Diagnostics Exhibit at Offshore Technology Days (OTD)


On Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th October, Score Diagnostics paired up with sister company Score A/S to exhibit at the Offshore Technology Days (OTD) Exhibition in Stavanger, Norway.  The annual exhibition, which is the largest in Norway, features more than 500 exhibitors and attracts visitors from all over the world.  It is where oil and energy professionals meet to do business, share technical knowledge and expertise, and network. Over the course of the two days, visitors to the Score A/S stand were shown a range of innovative technologies, products and services offered by the Score Group Plc group of companies.  Particular interest was shown in the MIDAS® range of valve diagnostic products and services. Visitors were shown how these valve condition and performance monitoring products play a key role in Score Group Plc’s Intelligent Valve Management Strategy, and how they can deliver maximised safety and operating efficiency on your process plants.

The famous Oktoberfest provided great entertainment on the Wednesday evening and offered further opportunities to network, meet with friends, entertain clients and customers and indulge in some fine German food and beer!

Several people who visited the stand enquired about the Score A/S Open Day, which is to be held on the 11th January 2018 at the Score A/S facility in Stavanger.  The open day will showcase working demonstrations of all the latest technologies, products and services from the Score Group.

 If you were unable to attend the OTD Exhibition and would like further information on the MIDAS® range of valve condition and performance monitoring products, or the Score A/S open day, please contact us at

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Biomass Energy Plant Debut for MIDAS Meter®

Whilst MIDAS Meter® has an extensive field-proven track record of adding value in the in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Nuclear and Fossil Fuel Power Generation industries, it had never previously been used on a Biomass Energy Plant.

All that changed however, when it made its debut on a plant in Europe this month. Score Diagnostics Limited’s valve leak detection, quantification and trending device was used to verify the sealing capability / performance of critical process valves, as part of a product demonstration.

A number of valve designs and sizes were tested, some of which were operating at high temperatures. Following each individual valve test, the results were immediately passed on to the plant maintenance engineer and a full summary report for all valves, (including performance graphs and deeper analysis data) was produced immediately after the survey, before leaving the facility.

With the customer suitably impressed with the ease of use, performance of MIDAS Meter® and the immediate reporting of results, the discussion quickly turned to how it could support reliability centred maintenance programmes and specifically assist in moving towards a predictive maintenance approach.

We are looking forward to implementation of the technology on a Risk Based Inspection (RBI) strategy and to adding increasing value for our customers as part of an optimised valve management programme.


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Supporting MIDAS Meter® Owners Worldwide

The ever-growing global population of deployed MIDAS Meters® (Score Group plc’s valve leak detection, quantification and trending equipment) has required Score Diagnostics Limited’s training team to be highly active in the delivery of their certified operator training course. The following infographic highlights the trained and certified operator population growth from just this year alone.pic

The increase in demand for MIDAS Meter® training to be delivered to operators has highlighted that the uptake of valve condition and performance monitoring equipment and systems is becoming more widespread than ever. The technology is being adopted at an increasing pace, driven by the fact that people are more aware of the value of asset integrity management as a way of ensuring that their assets are performing their required functions effectively, efficiently and safely. Valve diagnostics is supporting the global trend towards reliability centred maintenance activites.

If you would like to know more about valve condition and performance monitoring, please call Score Diagnostics Limited on 01779 485530.

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Market Leading MIDAS Meter® UPDATE ALERT

Significant enhancements have been made to MIDAS Meter® Core and CommunicatorTM software, which require all existing customers to take action, to gain the full benefit of the very latest design features and functionality enhancements, moving forward.

Risk Based Inspection (RBI) Calculatormidas

To directly answer customers’ questions and concerns on “which of my valves should I monitor and when?” and to support the very latest developments and strategies in Asset Integrity Management (AIM) and specifically Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) planning and
implementation, Score Diagnostics Limited has enhanced the MIDAS Meter® Core and CommunicatorTM software.  The latest revision of the product and software now includes new functionality and clear guidance on RBI for valves.
Simple built-in variable and selectable parameters such as “Probability” and “Consequence” of failure now provide MIDAS Meter® users guidance on when each valve in their installed population should optimally be surveyed.

midas2Users are also now able to produce standard “look ahead” and”“overdue” reports, detailing which valves are becoming due to be tested as well as highlighting any that are already

Please Note: All customers with MIDAS Meter® CommunicatorTM

New MIDAS Meter® CommunicatorTM® Operations and Maintenance Manual CD that is contained within your MIDAS Meter® kit, supplied at the time of Annual Maintenance completion.

Please refer to the MIDAS Meter® Communicator Installation guide (9103-26) for further details. If you have any queries please contact us on +44 (0)1779 485530.

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Thought Leadership on Operating Cost Reductions


It’s never been easier to quickly and easily reduce operating costs and risks and maximise the efficiency and profitability of your process.

Score Diagnostics Limited is delighted to announce the launch of its brand new website, which contains everything you need to know about the entire MIDAS® Valve Diagnostics range, including how to gain those all-important cost savings.

Our market leading valve condition and performance monitoring products and systems deliver savings over your entire valve population. Use our product selector guidance below and, once you have identified your needs based on valve criticality, visit to find out more:


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MIDAS Meter® “Surveys as a Service”


Gain all the benefits of Valve Condition and Performance Monitoring, for minimum investment.

It is entirely normal and expected that you have to spend a little when you want to save a lot. A new project where you know that a modest investment can deliver a massive return sounds like it would be easy to get a budget for, however… When CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) budgets are not readily available, it’s easy to assume that all the desired benefits of your new initiative or project are going to be missed out on. Not so. Looking towards funding the project from the OPEX (Operating Expenditure) budget can sometimes still deliver most of the project value.

Score Diagnostics is delighted to announce the launch of the MIDAS Meter® “Surveys as a Service” initiative, for valve condition and performance monitoring and reporting.

Valve surveying / monitoring delivers savings in operating costs, minimisation of operational risks and maximisation of reliability, efficiency and profits. If you cannot afford to buy a MIDAS Meter®, but still want the benefits – just choose the “survey as a service” option.

For more information on this exciting new service, click here to view our new flyer or read our case study where our customer was able to save £340,000 following investment in a MIDAS Meter® survey that cost less than £20k.

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Score Diagnostics Exhibit at Topsides UK


On Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th March, Score Diagnostics exhibited at the Topsides UK Conference and Exhibition, held at the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre.

As the UK and Europe’s first and only Topside focussed conference and exhibition, Topsides UK was organised to provide the marketplace for contractors, service companies, equipment manufacturers and the North Sea’s leading operators of existing assets to learn how to work together. Through this platform, the intention was for these groups to focus on ways of improving production whilst lowering costs.

Score Diagnostics was delighted to welcome many visitors to the stand, including Aberdeen City Lord Provost, George Adam, who enjoyed a live product demonstration of the Midas Meter. Over the course of the exhibition, visitors were shown how the Midas® range of valve condition & performance monitoring equipment and systems delivers a new opportunity to safely reduce costs, improve efficiency and minimise downtime, through live product demonstrations of the Midas® Meter, Midas® Sensor and V-MAP G3 system.

During the Conference Dave Anderson, Sales and Marketing Director for Score Diagnostics, delivered a paper titled “Valve Condition & Performance Monitoring – Why Bother?” – focusing on case studies which highlight real benefits delivered by valve condition and performance monitoring. The paper was very well received by those in attendance.

If you were unable to attend Topsides UK and are looking for more information on the Midas® range, please

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